Sedation Dentistry – If you have fear of the dentist or pain; if you would like to get a lot of dental work done in one sitting; then sedation dentistry is a great choice for you.

Conscious sedation dentistry tackles these fears by putting you in a state where you can still respond to voice and touch, but let go of the fears that have kept you away from the dentist. Getting rid of the fear and pain, then improving your dental health is the primary purpose of sedation dentistry.

To help make your visit more comfortable, we offer the following to our patients:

– A blanket
– Neck Pillow
– DVD/TV in all treatment rooms. We have a large selection of movies for adults and children for your entertainment pleasure.
– Bite cushion- helps keep your mouth relaxed and open for long periods of time during long dental procedures.
– Chilled water and juice

To help calm anxious or fearful patients, we offer (at an additional charge)

– Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) a relaxing gas that allows you to be fully conscious during your treatment. You will be able to drive immediately after your treatment.
– Oral medication (light sedation) you will need someone to drive you to and from your dental appointment.

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