Our dentist recognizes that dentures that slip or are loose or uncomfortable can complicate your daily life. Many people have difficulty adjusting to full dentures, as the upper plate of a denture extends just beyond the hard bone in the roof of the mouth. This can cause difficulty in speech or gagging. The lower denture rests on the existing ridge bone. The longer your teeth are missing, the more the ridge bone will continue to deteriorate.

Without tooth roots stimulating the tissue, the jawbone will deteriorate over time. Eventually, it may deteriorate so much that a patient may not be able to wear a lower denture anymore. In addition to functional problems created by the loss of jawbone, they can also create problems with physical appearance. The teeth provide support for the lips and cheeks; without them, the face caves inward and appears to age significantly. On top of it all, traditional dentures often require multiple adjustments.

However, there is now a solution to these problems. If you’re ready to reclaim your smile and quality of life, consider receiving implant-retained dentures. Implant-retained dentures utilize dental implants, which will act as the anchor for the upper and/or lower dentures, creating maximum stability and retention. Because the denture is secured to the implant posts, there is no need for the extended plate of the upper denture to provide suction on the pallet. And because implants stimulate the jawbone, the jawbone will not deteriorate or lose its natural shape. Those who have implant-retained dentures often comment on the improved comfort and higher function level. Many even claim that they almost forget they’re even wearing dentures!

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